Executive order against your Second Amendment rights

In a pitiful attempt to appear sincere, Joe Biden’s press conference justifying his unconstitutional executive order on gun control once again fell short of tangible evidence that, what he label’s as “gun violence” which is really ” violence with a gun by criminals” is being facilitated by our current pro gun statutes which are written for law abiding citizens. In fact, if he would have included the phrase “by criminals” in his statistical data the only conclusion that could be made is, we’re not enforcing our current criminal laws! The only people who will benefit from this action will be criminals!

You have to ask yourself, why is this issue so important to career politicians? Why are they constantly medaling in our Second Amendment rights when “We The People” are not responsible for the problems they use to justify these actions. Is there another agenda here? I believe our founding fathers predicted the possibility of a government left unchecked and that’s why they wrote the Second Amendment to empower We The People! If The Government was really concerned about our well being they would enforce the law and secure our borders. Safety and security is not what this order is about, its about power and control.

What the government is shooting for here is “total dependence on the government for your safety and security” which will allow them operate unconstrained and remain in power indefinitely.

Never give up your Constitutional rights

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