American Exceptionalism

Americans have always led the way on so many issues and world events. We established the worlds first democracy. We have saved the world during conflict. We have led the world in science and technology. Why are we losing our will to excel, lead and set standards for others to strive to achieve.

Conduct, Behavior and Perceptions

The first thing that comes to mind when you look at Americans today is a comprehensive lack of civility in our society. Standards and expectations on how we treat one another no longer exist. I can nail this one down real quick, its do to several major factors. First and foremost a fundamental breakdown in morality. Anything is supposed to be accepted as normal or individual choice no matter how those choices effects others. This facilitates the lack of moral boundaries and there is no lines that can’t be crossed. What group of people are out rioting and looting? The offended by everything, ashamed of nothing crowd. No moral checks and balances on their behavior and conduct. Second, Political correctness. Political correctness is toxic and should be removed from your thinking. Its a reprieve from reality and truth! This affords anyone to say anything in any manner as long as they stay in the politically correct circle. Last on my list is accountability. No ones afraid to get punched in the face anymore for poor conduct which allows them to say or do anything they want as long as they stay in their politically correct circle. In my day when you got a black eye for mouthing off, when you came home crying to Mom she’d say, looks to me like you got what you were asked for!

Standards and Accountability

Standards are important. Without standards there are no goals worth achieving. Without goals we lose the art of the possible. When you remove standards you promote mediocracy and, exceptionalism goes out the window. The equal opportunity mantra is just a cop out in order to circumvent standards, The everyone gets a trophy crowd isn’t doing their kid any favors, In fact, your setting them up for failure. I’ve only won one trophy in my life,,,, for a frog jumping contest. I won it legitimately but, never dwelled on it to much because I didn’t figure that my unique ability to select champion Bullfrogs would get any recognition. What it did do was make me work harder for the trophies worth achieving. I came from a borderline poor family. What we lacked in monetary wealth we made up with determination, resolve and hard work. Those disciplines have served me well in life and I would of never recognized that by being given awards for achievement I didn’t earn. No one owes you opportunity, you have to find it and seize it. Without standards there is no laws that would be enforceable. Without standards our Constitution and Bill of Rights would be subjective to who holds the most power, wealth and position. Your freedom of speech and assembly would beholden to those empowered ideologies and your ability to defend yourself from the empowered would not exist.

Obstacles to Exceptionalism

We’ve already covered some of the obstacles to exceptionalism but in realty you can boil it down to one common theme, dishonesty! Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong, what matters is do you have the moral courage to choose the hard right over the easy wrong? Ask yourself, who am I really? Then, ask yourself, when your alone and insulated from all skepticism and judgment, what would you do on any tough subject where your decisions may promote personal gain or safety but, has negative consequences for others? Look in the mirror and ask yourself, do you like what you see?

Weapons of Will and Moral Courage

I’m going to close this post on this subject because I think the the man you watch next articulating the importance toward achieving American exceptionalism says it all. We all have a choice, we can be Americans and collectively we can show the world who we are, set standards for others to achieve and lead by example or mediocracy will follow.

Ronald Reagan We Are Americans

Its not about you, Its about US

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