The Cost of Freedom

Never has cost of winning or keeping freedom been cheap. Only those who have fought for it truly realize it. Many appreciate and respect it but, many more take it for granted. We are not teaching why freedom and liberty is so important. We do not teach the historic cost vs gain for winning our freedom in American History classes these days, instead, we are editing our history with extreme bias in order to present it as something horrible we have inflicted on our posterity. Today the cost of freedom is being convoluted by a mantra of “right to entitlement and recognition of racial endowment due to past oppression”. We are selling our freedoms and liberties for free stuff and liberal ideologies. Even socialism is a consideration in today’s America because the ignorant do not understand you cannot just be a consumer and not pitch in. Let us say you are an American Indian, “lots of our politician’s fancy that notion” and you do not hunt, harvest, or gather firewood. Guess what, you do not eat, and you are out in the cold. Why should the rest of the tribe care? It is obvious you do not care about their welfare because of your willingness to live off their efforts. That is what entitlement will get you. Socialism is a great utopian scam. It never promotes prosperity for the people only those in power. You give up your constitutional rights for the promise of free money and assured government protection and all you will get is a regulator with unlimited authority. You will never get ahead, you will never prosper, you will be a tool for others to prosper and be blead to death without the ability to complain or provide self-aid. The cost of freedom needs to be realized and quickly before we lose it. Be a Sentinel!

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