Religions Role in the American Constitution

The United States government has a distinct separation between church and state in order to ensure no church control of our democracy. It is absolutely necessary to prevent a single belief system which would lead to a zero tolerance toward other beliefs. It’s our check and balance system in order to promote the laws of man and not dictate the laws of God by virtue of a single denomination influenced government. However, religion is very prevalent in our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. The founding fathers knew we couldn’t have a government run by the church but, they also knew government couldn’t become the church. They knew the importance of Christian values in the context of morality and ethics and used it as a guide to craft our government. They knew the religious principles of common decency and equality were going to be the aggregates of our democracy. That is why they wisely incorporated them in writing. I don’t go to church, but I understand religion when used to promote the greater good. Just look at what’s happening with the lack of spiritual guidance in todays America, an absence of civility, humility, accountability, morality and un-ethical behavior is ramped. Attached is a link of a Great American putting this into historic context. Take the time and enjoy.

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