Heart and Sole of America

Disturbing images of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan have been flooding our television screens for the past two weeks drawing uncanny parallels to the Vietnam exodus in 1973. Once again we’ve failed at building a Jeffersonian Democracy in another part of the world. When will we learn from past mistakes and forgo the idea of nation building and support national identities that revolve around a democratic ideology as allies. No other culture, region or country is ready for a US style of democratic government. The heart and sole of America is not what we are, its who we are and it doesn’t reflect US government behavior for the last two weeks in Afghanistan. I’m ashamed seeing images of people clinging to departing military aircraft because the enemy we swore to destroy is closing in on their homeland we invaded. The current regime in the White House calls this a policy. How can a deplorable conduct be construed as American policy. I’m disgusted with our current regime in office. They have singularly dismantled 20 years of investment in a matter of days. I can only hope that we’ve sewed enough of the seeds of a freedom loving people that the population rises against this tyranny and destroys the evil which we have failed to do.

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