A word you don’t hear often anymore but without it, we lose our ability to hold standards of conduct and performance. In the last post “the timeline leading up to the collapse of Afghanistan” Pete outlined chronologically military decisions and actions taken leading up to the collapse of the Afghan government and the hasty withdrawal of Americans forces. Consequently, many American citizens and Afghan allies were left to the clemency of the Taliban. Billions of dollars of state-of-the-art military equipment abandoned when every protocol for a situation like this would be to destroy it. Now the Taliban is holding all the cards (in the form of American hostages). If you dissect the timeline chronologically you can clearly see common sense decision making based from, realities on the ground, situational awareness and adaptive stimulus were ignored. There are so many dumb mistakes made (starting with the marginalization of the Combatant Commander), that its impossible to deny the stupidity.

Several points to note; Decisions made, time frame when they were made, effects from those decisions, inability to learn from the outcome of a decision and the number of repeated bad decisions.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture. We’ve dissected the military’s role, now let’s look at our civilian regimes decision making process. What strategic goal would the United States of America have in giving control of Afghanistan to the Taliban? What possible good could come of turning over the country (we justified going to war with 20 years ago), to a stronger enemy? Why would we empower a fanatical militant regime driven by a global goal of a Sharia-based Theology? What possible clemency will be given to the people left behind and what will be the outcome of these decisions for the future? When you ask these basic questions there is no logical explanation for these decisions. Its either incompetency (comprehensively since the entire civilian and military chain of command were complicit), or an agenda. Now I’m not a conspiracy theory guy but, when you have mountains of circumstantial evidence (in this case non-sensical decisions with predictable disastrous results), you have to start looking at that evidence in the context of patterns and trends. Has something like this happened before? The answer is yes, and the perpetrators were the same. In 2011 President Obama announced the total withdrawal of American forces from Iraq triggering the rise of ISIS/ISIL. Now there are different dynamics between the two countries but several predictable consequences of a hasty U.S. withdrawal is relevant (billions of dollars of American Military hardware fell into the hands of Islamic Militants and a Sharia based Caliphate came to fruition).

Why do these incidents continue to happen? No accountability! This regime is lacking all accountability for their actions. Where’s our congress? Where’s the bipartisan outrage? Where’s the oversight committees? Without accountability we can’t fix the problem and this regime will continue to put the country in danger. The President is lacking the cognitive ability to run the country. His advisors are paramount to special interest sycophant’s and derelict in the performance of their sworn duties. The oversight committees are not impartial they are complicit! Due to a lack of accountability and manipulated perceptions our government can basically do whatever it wants.

What can we do to fix it? We must use our Constitution and Bill of Rights. We must use our freedom of assembly and speech to be heard in mass so our voices can be quantified and qualified! We must use our right to bear arms to protect our right to assembly and free speech! We must defend the American Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and preserve the American way of life.

Keep an eye on the patterns and trends! Get involved in your future!

Spread the word, be a Sentinel!

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