Symptoms of Tyranny

I recently was talking to a doctor friend of mine and I noted most of the subjects we were discussing he explained in medical terms. IE, our constitution as our DNA. Our governmental structure as our body and central nervous system. I was amused at the analogy but slowly started to realize, he might be on to something that resonates with my target audience. We all care about right or wrong but, when it comes to our health and well being,,, we pay more attention! In order to achieve a functional healthy life we exercise our personal rights to their fullest extent. I’m curious to see how the good doctor would diagnose what’s going on with our Democracy. When a doctor makes a diagnosis he/she looks at symptoms, then they talk to the patient in order to see how they are feeling (when is the last time a representative consulted their constituents)? This is usually enough information to make a diagnosis or start running some tests. So,,,,,, lets diagnose what’s ailing America symptomatically.

Lets start with DNA. The building blocks of life. Its who we are and I think that our Constitution defines who we are as a country. If you have this DNA your an American! I like that thought, its who I am, its in my blood! Now, if you don’t feel that way, why are you here? Go somewhere else. Your a different species which may carry harmful contagious diseases which can infect our Democracy. That’s kind of what’s been happening! We’ve got folks living here who want to change our way of life. The irony in that is they are prospering here more then any other place in the world due to our system. Anyone remember this quote “I want to fundamentally change America” Barrack Obama. There is a planned systematic attack on our Democracy and they are doing it by infecting and by-passing our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Tyranny is defined as an oppressive power. Lets look at some current symptoms of oppressive power; Rigged elections, censorship, brainwashing, population control, religious persecution, lawlessness, to name a few. Everyone of these are ongoing and contrary to our Constitution and the American way of life. How is it accomplished; control of the media, academia and courts, mandated vaccines (unproven, DNA altering and potentially harmful), make the population dependent on government subsidies, promote individual rights without ethical or moral accountability, discredit law enforcement and promote socialism as the utopian way. How do they circumvent Constitutional Law to accomplish this; excessive use of executive orders (not a law), imposed mandates that force the population to capitulate to policy or lose prosperity, hide foreign money given to government officials for personal gain so our adversaries can influence American policy, use proxies under the mantra of social justice to sew dissention, unrest and lawlessness.

If these examples were actual biological diseases your days would be numbered (that’s exactly what we have to prevent)!

How does this happen in our society and culture? Simple, make everyone a victim! Promises something for nothing and equal outcome without equal effort (marketed as equal opportunity). Take away individual choice and rights and enslave the population to the system.

When did it start and whos behind it? Remember that quote “I want to fundamentally change America”! Its ongoing, organized and resourced!

Oh by the way, sometime in the middle of last night the Biden regime has decided they need access to your bank account.

How do we cure the disease? Make a stand for your personal and Constitutional rights! Be a Sentinel!

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