Sentinels Task and Purpose

Reminder of who we are and what we are trying to accomplish. Sentinels web site is a educational platform designed to inform and organize American citizens on their Constitutional rights to include those rights being ignored and infringed upon. The information presented is factual, verifiable and legal. SOF organizing forum is very important because what we have in this country is a majority of freedom loving Americans who may or may not realize our Constitution is the security for our freedoms and liberty’s. Organizing into neighborhood/community pockets of like minded citizens in order to insure our rights is the purpose of the movement. That’s why signing up and spreading the word is so important. How you organize your neighborhood/community is up to you. Everyone across the nation has different dynamics but we all believe in this great country and the American way of life. So think about the community around you as your support network and you as theirs. We are one and we are one of many. Strength in numbers and consistent logic is the evolutionary way we overpower our adversaries. We are not special interest and repetitive rhetoric. We are Sentinels of Freedom here to protect the constitution and keep the American way!

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