National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

The 2022 NDAA has just been released. H.R. 4350, is the jurisdiction of the Senate Armed Services Committee and House Armed Services Committee and determines the agencies responsible for defense, establishes recommended funding levels, and sets the policies under which money will be spent. In his opening statements, Representative Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Service Committee lacked any substantive remarks on national defense. In fact, he set the tone for what appears to be a highly politicized document revised in order to enable partisan control and left wing indoctrination of our Armed Forces. Take a look at H.R 4350 Section 529 “Restrictions to access firearms directives for protecting orders” “Authority of military judges and military magistrates to issue military court protective orders” The entire NDAA can be viewed here or you can get a quick synopsis by going to Breitbart. This is all being couched as revisions on the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and, countering extremism in the Military. The extremism isn’t in the Military, its in the House of Representatives and the Senate! What this is, is a way for our civilian leaders to label Military personnel as extremist if they don’t agree with them and, take away their First and Second Amendment rights! They have deceitfully couched this as a protective order siting endless hypothetical (what if’s) as justification for these authorities. The oath that you take when entering the Armed Forces is to protect the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. That’s hard to do without a gun! What this, and other, unlawful provisions in the NDAA are really about is the ability to control Military leaders through political indoctrination and insure soldiers don’t have the ability to uphold their oath and their responsibility to the country, Why on earth would you want to disarm Military personnel for any reason. If he’s got a criminal record or incidents with firearms, don’t hire him. That’s what the background investigations are for prior to anyone enlisting. Once your in the Military you get trained on how to fight and win a war and to remain politically neutral. You get trained, not just how to safely employ weapons but also on target discrimination, rules of engagement and the laws of land warfare. You are the most qualified and safest person in the world with a firearm. Why on earth would they do this? Because your also the most effective person with firearms whos, sworn an oath to uphold the framework of our Democracy! Blind Lieutenant Colonel Slade (movie, Scent of a Women) could see through this one! Oh by the way, there are other provisions just as disturbing as this one, like, (provisions allowing the Military to spy and collect personal data on suspected extremist). Here is the definition given in the NDAA’s extremist section; “The terms ‘extremist activities’ and ‘extremist organization’ have the meanings prescribed by the Secretary of Defense. The term extremist insider threat means a member or civilian employee of the Armed Forces with access to Government information, systems, or facilities, who can use such access to do harm to the security of the United States; and exhibits extremist behaviors.’’ They just described an extremist as anyone they deem an insider threat! That means anyone with opposing views or, in our case, anyone willing to fight for his Constitutional rights! We’ve already seen drops in enlistments and early separation by enlisted members who had intended on making the Military a career. We have also witnessed Officers reprimanded for refusing to initiate counter extremist training and other ultra left indoctrination training for their soldiers. In some cases, Officers have resigned their commissions instead of compromising their oath, values and ethos! We are losing our most experienced and brightest in order to be politically correct and capitulate to the extremist political Oligarchs. I salute all of you who’ve had the moral courage to stand up to these Constitutional violations and hold true to your values, principles and oath to this, United States of America!

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