Resolve and Endurance

The original inspiration for this post came when a friend of mine gave me a likeness of an American Battle Flag he made from wood. He frayed the end and scorched the face to give it the appearance of being a bit tattered as though it had been through conflict. When I first saw it my thoughts were of my friend who has spent his entire adult life in service to his country and he, like the flag, appear a bit weathered though, they endure with Honor. They both are the (who and what) that defines this country.  Then I penned a letter to Jefferson on the subject and he sent this rendering. I decided that the inscription on the stone defines this posting. Americans have always displayed great resolve and endurance in times of duress. Recent observations on why Americans are not more vocal and lack the courage to take action against the attacks on our Democracy is that our present prosperity has made us obtuse to our posterity. This I consider a grave and selfish mistake. What the short sited fail to comprehend is, no action equates to assured loss!

I’m not a pack animal and I’ve never been a part of a club or organization outside of the US Military. I don’t like the special interest attention or group think associated with clubs, however, strength in numbers count! Ben Franklin was believed to of made this statement in the Continental Congress just prior to signing the Declaration of Independence “we must all hang together in this cause or, surely we will all hang separately”. We must all stand our ground for our Constitutional rights and Democracy regardless of the personal consequences. We can never compromise or capitulate on the foundational principles and common sense practices afford to us through the doctrinal framework of the American Constitution! It is the only insurance policy we have against tyranny! They can word smith its meaning all they want but, never forget, its literal translation is, the law of the land! Don’t throw it away for power or materialistic possession. Think of  your children, or in my case, grandchildren. They are priceless! They deserve what we’ve had!

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