Perpetual Wealth and Assured Subservience’s

I’ve always been impressed with the opportunities afforded to the citizens
of this great country. It has been my experience that the harder I work, the
more I prosper and the more opportunities I have. The preamble of the US
Constitution states, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form
a more perfect Union, establish Justice, ensure domestic Tranquility, provide
for the common Defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings
of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this
Constitution for the United States of America”. Up until recent times I
believed that our Constitution and form of Government has done just that. The
trends that I’m seeing now are very disturbing and dangerous to our Democracy
and the American way of life. When our government, can operate ignoring the
Constitutional Doctrine ensuring the rights of the governed, that’s not
Democracy. When cooperate moguls are allowed mutually supporting corporations
working in unison, to dictate what we purchase, that’s a monopoly. When your
prosperity is dependent on their say so, that’s not capitalism. When foreign
entities couched as American companies can own entire portions of our national
and global infrastructure, we lose self-reliance. In all these scenarios we
lose our right of choice and what follows is dependency.

Right now, we have allowed our government and big business to expand,
manipulate and intervene in so much of our daily functions they can now dictate
parts of our life. To add insult to injury, they’ve become extraordinarily rich
doing it! Here’s just one of many examples; Your phone and computers are used
in your daily activities for work, family and fun. Most folks couldn’t get
along without them. Every one of those devices have a shelf life. Hardware,
software, design it doesn’t matter before long you have to upgrade and, that
time for upgrade is not determined by you, its determined by the company that
built your device. All they must do is write new software in order to make your
operating system obsolete. Bingo, time to buy a new device, hence, perpetual
wealth for the company at a time and price of their choosing. You had no
choice. It’s not like your vintage Ford that still drives fine and worth more
now than the day you bought it. Your former device is now a paper weight. The
most disturbing part of that scenario is their control over you. Now think of
that control and influence in terms of the monopolies like media and
pharmaceutical companies enabled by Government. Remember, capitalism facilitates
perpetual economic diversity and growth only if, you keep it honest.

Back in 1607, just after the founding and settlement of Jamestown in Roanoke
Virginia, the necessity for cheap labor did not meet the demands proportionate
to establishing a foothold in America nor, an appropriate compensation for the
labor. The answer was a program called indentured servants. Basically, a
laborer in England could sign up for a term of four to seven years, receive
free transit to the new world, food, clothing, lodging and you worked for
someone else’s profit. Although there were stiff penalties for breach of
contract, eventually you earned what was called “freedom dues”
normally 25 acres of land, a cow and some clothes. That was the labor system
then, compare that to present time. Today we are becoming unwitting servants
totally dependent on the system owned by the political and economic elite? The
system is the fuel they know we crave to sustain normalcy and, Government
dependency is the vehicle they will use to turn America into a socialist
society. You will know when the offer to surrender your rights and property for
debt forgiveness and compliance with an Un-Constitutional government is being
forced upon you! Remember, there is no term limit to your obligation and toils,
no 25 acres to call your own, certainly no cow but you might receive the same
drab garment distributed to the rest of the subjects. Once you concede its gone
forever! Be a Sentinel!

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