Life is about choices and choices have consequences. Good choices produce good results and poor choices, poor results. Have you ever had to make a choice on a important subject you were passionate about but, the right choice could be personally detrimental? If you’ve never put your life in danger for a cause or purpose greater than your own personal safety, it’s hard to understand the mental conflict between your wellbeing and the discipline needed to do what’s right. When a selfish act or, lack of any action, have a destructive outcome, you may not have a choice in the matter.

This is the current dilemma I find myself in. I’m at a loss to describe, defend or support the current regime now running our fictional Democracy.

The foundation for decisions is based on who you are as a person. Your knowledge, principles, ethics, morals and values. Then you consider the situation and, you use your senses to help make sense of what’s going on. Your senses are important, and you should always pay attention to what they are trying to tell you, if something doesn’t look or smell right, pay attention. When your gut tells you there’s something not right, look for additional information to help make sense of the situation in order to make a good choice.

When a contentious subject is so important but not directly in your spear of influence, man tends to ignore it, in hope that it will go away and not affects him. “Mind your own business”. What if you can’t mind your own business because, (that someone) is always in yours? Intruding in personal life, meddling in affairs which they should not have visibility, let alone, influence!

How many times have you told yourself “Just take care of your own”? Man’s natural response to avoid conflict. What if mandated policy won’t afford you that ability? What if the issue will inevitably adversely affect you and your livelihood? What if giving them more rope will eventually allow them to tie your noose!

The ninth amendment in our Bill of Rights specifies authorities given to the Government are not inclusive and, “we the people” retain our individual rights.

The tenth Amendment was written to ensure the Government only has the powers delegated by the Constitution. Powers not listed, belong to the states or the people.

It’s time we start standing up for what’s right and quit conceding to Government infringements on our Constitutional and individual rights.

We are at a decisive point in American history. Will America continue or, will we perish from the earth? Make a choice for you and your children! Be a Sentinel!

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