It’s Autumn in America. My favorite time of year. Time to slow down a little. Get outside, enjoy the cool weather, watch the trees turn. Leave your mask at home!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. A time for family. No pressures for gifts or religious requirements. Just a celebration of life and giving thanks for the great bounty this nation has afforded hard working Americans.

For me, this Thanksgiving has a greater significance then any in the past. I find myself at the apex of many years of hard work and devotion to family and country. I’m seeing the results of a lifetime of cumulative effort come to fruition. Those earned equities and the infrastructures that facilitated those equities are now under attack.

Over the years I have become more critical of politics and politicians behavior. What is often billed as a requirement for a policy usually has an alternative motive. A persons behavior is also telling when it comes to motive. When I look at this regimes collective policies and behavior from a strategic optic of outcome, my critical thinking kicks in and red flags with warning bells go off.

I’m not going to try to list all of my criticisms. Each one would be post in itself. Instead I’m going to list subjects of my criticisms and get feedback. Objectively grade these subjects for functionality, effectiveness, motive, impartialness, integrity and adherence with the Constitution and oath of that associated office. Then assign that grade to whatever branch of Government or agency/agencies responsible.

National Security; US policies and a cogent US strategy, the use of national power, secure borders, vulnerability to all forms of attack, internal strife.

Economy; National debt, import dependency, energy dependency, monopolies, maximizing natural resources, labor force, regulatory constraints, shortages, soring costs.

Election integrity; Early voting, mail in ballots, voting machines, oversite.

Health and Welfare; COVID-19 Plandemic, mandated unproven harmful vaccinations, social medicine, homelessness.

Racist and Extremist; Social Justice farce, critical race theory, WOKE, BLM, ANTIFA.

Immigration; Enforcement of law, open borders, crime, terrorist, drugs.

Information; Media, political correctness, controlled narrative.

Federal Overreach; Violations of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, circumventing State power, violations of individual rights, unlawful executive orders and mandates.

Governmental accountability; Abuse of national power for political reasons, spying on American citizens, detention without due process, accommodating foreign influence, violations of Constitutional law.

National Power and Resources; Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, DOD, DOJ, DHS, DNI, ICE, IRS, NIH

What’s your Grade? My report card gives them a bid fat F on every subject. That’s the true state of the Union. Our Federal Government is incompetent and unable to perform its sworn duties. Replace freedom with control, liberty with dependency, responsible with excessiveness, honesty with dishonesty, integrity with deceit and competence with ineptness and you’ve described our current regime. What’s really alarming is, in any given subject multiple branches or agencies have to work together on a single subject. How can everyone be screwed up? Where’s the checks and balances. Where’s the oversite. Are they collectively working together for a purpose other then you think. My question to you is, how could they not, given the comprehensive failures of their sworn duties!

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