I just read the US Navy named its newest warship after a notorious child rapist. Up until now I’ve refrained from writing about military affairs but this insanity in our military must stop! We have a military to act as a deterrent, provide for national defense and to fight wars. It serves no other purpose. The harsh reality of war is you must fight. Fighting is killing and killing is winning. We need warriors to accomplish that! Determined men and women who are willing to do what’s necessary to win wars and preserve America. Social status, sexual orientation, race, or political correctness has absolutely nothing to do with the military!

Our military must also be moral and ethical (especially the leadership)! When a leader loses respect, he also loses the trust and confidence of men he is supposed to lead. His position is no longer looked upon as a leadership position by his subordinates (he is reduced to a stature of manager and you can’t manage men into battle, they have to be led)!

Naming a US combat vessel after a pedophile is immoral and unethical! There is no more heinous crime then a crime against a child! Whoever proposed and approved this ruinous decision should be immediately fired and the ship re-christened in the name of one of Harvey Milk’s many victims.

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