There are four phases of a Marxism/Leninist Ideological subversion campaign “Demoralization, Destabilization, Crisis and Normalization” In each phase different entities of the countries population and infrastructure are targeted to provide a predictable systematic phased response in order to set conditions for the next phase. The end state of these measures is the indoctrination and adherence to a socialist system/state. It is time we start calling present day activities designed to undermine and overthrow our Democracy for what it really is. What we are currently witnessing in America is a well organized, unlimited resourced Marxist/Leninist Communist takeover of the United States of America.

The Chinese or (Maoist Doctrine) use the same model only differing in their target audience. In 1939, vulnerability to Marxist/Leninist propaganda in Russia was focused toward the working class. The Chinese simply target the rural class, due to the fact China was not industrialized, and the majority of the population were peasants. Both audiences had one thing in common, vulnerability to exploitation.

America had always been insulated from these vulnerabilities due to American exceptionalism in education, hard work and free markets. Our prosperity is predicated on intellect, work ethic, and economic diversity.

During phase-I, “Demoralization”, the main objective is to infiltrate and control academia. We have seen this socialist infiltration into our current academic construct and infrastructure. By allowing a socialist curriculum to create a milieu of extenuating circumstances justify the “means to the ends”, boundless entitlements, promote unruly conduct, sanction ignorance and indorse the absence of virtue, we’ve essentially created a generation of the (expectant) which is now is the cause of American dissidence. Been no where, done nothing, know it all geniuses who are offended by everything ashamed of nothing, except for America!

During phase-II “Destabilization” Work force subsidies have been the predominant tool used to keep America off the time clock. Endless victimization, social justice and entitlement campaigns and the politicization of American law enforcement have been the primary mover towards destabilization.

During phase-III “Crisis” Manufactured crisis and sensationalism are on your TV set 24/7. An apostate media is the mouth piece but not instigator (remember that)!

During phase-IV “Normalization” This is where we get to see the culprits. They will ride in on a white horse with all the answers to our problems they created, carrying gifts of the necessities unavailable during their manufactured crisis.

There are three phases of an insurgency “organization, irregular warfare and open conflict. You can break each stage down into understandable implementable phases but, understanding how to implement in a given environment is crucial to success.

America is different and, our enemies know it. Alone, a three phased insurgency wont work here. America has to be defeated from within. Think about that (we have to be an accomplice in our own demise)! They need what is referred to as a “Fifth Column”.

What we are experiencing is Non-Americans using our system against us. This is being done by foreign elements through American citizens. By tailoring socialist subversion to slowly be assimilated into our society and Government, our enemies have set the stage for the civil strife we are now witnessing and, setting conditions for the subsequent phases of the downfall of America, This could only be accomplished/facilitated through penetration’s into our Federal Government! Start paying attention to behavior and decisions being made by our government. Ask yourself were any of the current regimes decisions made in Americas interest?

Thank God America is so different and diverse a Nation that these phases could only partially be completed. This leaves us some breathing room and countermeasures. But we must be prepared and have the resolve to keep our country!

The one thing they did not factor into the plan was, (AMERICANS)! We love this country, we see through these traitors and will not allow this to happen.

Be a Sentinel!

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