Patriotism, what is it and what does it mean to future of our Country

By Thomas Pain and C Adams

By definition, “patriotism” is the love for, or devotion to ones country, a sense of national pride. I think it’s an accurate definition because it resonates with me. I love this country. I have dedicated my entire adult life supporting freedom and what it means to sacrifice for the freedoms we all enjoy, and I have zero regrets. It is my honor serving this great Country of ours. I raised my children and watched my grandchildren raised in this great Nation. I have great respect for our history, diversity in culture, free markets and our Democracy. I still believe America is the beacon of hope for representative Democracy, the oppressed, and the symbol of freedom the world over.

There are over 330 million people in this country. Conservative estimates state up to 30 million are here illegally. None of which have been required to pledge allegiance to this country, and by virtue of coming here illegally have displayed their willingness to violate our laws. Yet we still provide our time, efforts and resources making possible for them to call the United States of America “home”.

That leaves around 300 million legal residence. If we cut that number in half and divide them into three separate ideological groups, liberals, moderates and conservatives, then analyze behavioral patterns of all three groups in respect to Anti-American sentiment and conduct, what group stands out?

I am personally exhausted hearing and seeing Anti-Americanism from those who prosper from the very system they criticize. Immigrants that come here and try to create what they fled is absurd. If you come here only to complain about our way of life, go back to where you came from because that is the essence of true freedom.

Naturalized ultra-liberals are psychologically worse. They’ve inherited the right of freedom and the American way of life, but nurse from the very freedoms Liberty provides and are continuously unhappy that the milks not chocolate! These are the same folks that think peaches come from cans; the “been nowhere, done nothing, know it all” crowd who’s offended by everything and don’t have the inherent self-respect to be ashamed of anything. Freedom isn’t free and freedom certainly isn’t perfect. Freedom takes work and the willingness to serve a cause beyond “self”. These same people feel that they are entitled and owe nothing back to the country that has facilitated their prosperity. They are ignorant and selfish people who deserve not the bounty, nor the protection afforded by living in the United States of America. I’d like to load each up and send them to Afghanistan or say, Somalia, for a single day. We’ll call it the “America Appreciation Program”. I’ll buy the one way ticket. Let’s see how long their self-centered juvenile ideology takes them before their crying to be subsidized for a return fare.

Patriotism is very important. In these times of declining American exceptionalism and virtues, “patriotism” is our saving grace and the hope for the future. The American culture is American Patriotism. We have one flag! We speak and teach one language and that language is English. We pledge allegiance to our flag and we stand for our National Anthem. It’s a line of personal conduct and national standards.

You don’t have to be the one who picks up a rifle, shoulders the pack and ships out to war to be a patriot but, you have to support them. You have to understand that there’s something more important than your personal security and prosperity. There is liberty and freedom, and through our Constitution and Bill of Rights, America provides that. There’s also the posterity and prosperity of our next generation. Only through our patriotic discipline and conviction do we insure that.

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