When I think about this Germ, and it’s effects on the world over the last two years, I can’t help being absolutely dumbfounded. The accumulative amount of evidence on it’s origin, development into a humanly transmissible disease, release into society and the poisonous vaccine marketed as a cure, is overwhelming and, conclusive! This intentionally created disease and the diabolically crafted fraud behind its release is, the biggest and most heinous crime in world history. The disease has needlessly killed millions due to denied early treatment. The fact that two years into this “plandemic” a name coined by Dr. Judy Micovits, hospitals and doctors are still doubling down on nonsensible harmful protocols and denying proven prophylactic medications is criminal. Dr Micovits is a Brilliant Microbiologist and former research scientist at the National Cancer Institute (NCI). She is the first medical professional to question these vaccines safety, effectiveness and ethics. She was also the first to be targeted for telling the truth, discredited and illegally jailed for it. She is an author of several books on the subject the latest being Plague of Corruption.

I’m going to start from the beginning and chronologically, by event, dissect this criminal hoax. At the end of reading this post, if, you have any doubts I will link all of the references I used to confirm the content herein. Then you can decide for yourself. I will only hit the wave tops because the preponderance of the information/evidence could fill a book. You will have to do your own research.

Due to the scale of this atrocity and the high levels of “behind the scenes” multi-agency and international coordination that had to take place, your prone to doubt. Then I started to analyze the facts. I started first by trying to rationalize the mandated remedies being dictated. After that failed I started paying attention to the behavior of those in charge which can only be described as theatrics, Calm, composure and objectivity was nonexistent. None of it made sense.

When you need answers to fix a problem, you start at the point of origin of those answers. It’s a cyclical process, You take what you know, determine what you need to know, deduce from the information available and you use what you learn to generate more requirements and repeat the process till you find the answers. None of that deductive reasoning has been done by our Government. As a matter of fact, that type of critical thinking was being discouraged and discredited.

Ask yourself, is there a plausible motive behind fabricating this crisis? Do they have the capacity and means to do it? What does the history, trends, patterns and data tell you and, are they consistent toward a motive?

The disease and its “cure” has killed millions and, ruined countless lives and livelihood. Life Insurance statistics indicate a 40% increase in unexplained Non-COVID-19 fatalities. The vaccinated have a staggering amount of predictable future health problems and harmful impact on our next generation.

The International precedence established at the end of World War II “Nuremburg Code” condemning unethical human experiments and coerced research on Humans are being ignored and purposely discredited. By the way, those individuals who carried out those experiments without consent of the prisoners were hanged!


The disease is Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-COVID-2), which causes Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19} in humans. SARS-COVID-2 is an animal disease that has been around forever. When it morphs naturally it always remains an animal disease. That means it is, and, never would have been transmissible to humans, Now it is! How did that happen? It’s called gain of function research and its done in a lab by Geneticist, Virologist and Micro Biologist.

Why would anyone want to create a disease harmful to the human race? Remember motive and start looking at pattern, trends and the statistical data.

The cover story for the release of the virus is that, it originated in a Wet Market in Wuhan China. It has been attributed to a infected bat sold and consumed by a human who, through direct and, indirect contact, spread the virus and subsequently, it spread throughout the world.

We already know that SARS-COVID-2 is an animal disease which is biologically impossible to transmit to a human. You could eat a billion SARS-COVID-2 infected bats and never catch the disease, so they refined the story and said that the infected bat was smuggled out of the laboratory and sold to the Wet Market to be resold to a bat eating customer.

Now keep in mind that the mentioned laboratory always claimed it was doing scientific research on viral cures and no gain of function research was going on. How then could a bat from their laboratory be infected with COVID-19! They just caught themselves in their own lie.

This was corroborated when Dr Anthony Fauci, our “COVID Czar” was caught lying to Congress on the subject by Senator Ran Paul. Dr. Fauci is the Director of the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), which falls under the National Institute for Health (NIH), was actually funding the research! He simply changed the name from Gain of Function in order to mislead its true purpose and secure the funding.

Project Veritas recently posted an article revealing the links of Gain of Function between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the NIH, the Bill Gates owned Eco Health Alliance who funded it and the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee who went public with her concerns about the vaccine harmful side effects and the company’s un-ethical practices, gives a great accounting of the Veritas report.

Dr. Fauci had predicted a pandemic of a “surprise infectious disease” back in 2017. A disease he new was not transmissible to humans unless it was weaponized. That means he knew gain of function was being done and, he knew the virus would be intentionally released!

Culminate these facts with the behavior of the Chinese Government. Their lack of control measures, their knowing of the lethality and rate and infectious spread, their failure to locally contain the disease, their denial for foreign assistance and denied access to Wuhan Laboratory and it’s staff. Instead, they broke out the communist playbook and started there disinformation campaign and blamed the West.

All of this considered, instead of viral cure research you have biological weapons research. Instead of a naturally occurring disease you have a man made lethally engineered virus intentionally released on the world.


I first heard about the virus on a very sensationalized broadcast over CNN. I usually don’t watch CNN because I don’t think they are objective or honest. My first thought was not oh shit! It was you’re shiting me! The breaking news was full of unconfirmed hyper-alarming, on the verge of panic doom and gloom. How could this be. It’s new, they don’t really know much about it right now so why should the broadcast be so alarming in it’s tone and so conclusive in the content and message.

Naturally I switched the channel to other news stations and found they also were breaking the story and something very suspicious accorded. With the exception of one news station, they weren’t all telling the same story. They were telling the exact same story at the exact same time! Almost word for word with the same tone of panic. How could this be coming from independent news medias with their own schedules, sources and methods? Impossible right?! They were reading from a script! There was no objectivity, no real science only, hysterical hypothetical predictions. They were trying to insight fear!

Hence the opening bell of the Plandemic crisis and the start of the largest disinformation campaign in world history.

Counter Measures means Control Measures

People are susceptible to believe what they see and hear through the media. Sensationalizing a story good, or bad, is intended to produce a positive or negative reaction, Getting people excited good, or bad, is easy to do and, excitement breeds more excitement. People are naturally prone to over react and quick to panic. During times of crisis we always fear the worst case scenario and, fear perpetuates itself through excitable people and, panic breeds more panic.

So knowing these human behavioral traits what’s the first thing a responsible media should do in a ambiguous situation? Certainly not jump to conclusion and instill fear! We witnessed the exact opposite. They immediately seized control of the narrative and implemented scare tactics. They started a disinformation campaign designed to discredit any medical voice of reason that disagreed with their hip shot prognosis’s. Any medical professional skeptical of mandating a MRNA vaccine as a cure over, treatment with hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin were personally and professionally attacked and intentionally marginalized.

By the way, DARPA knew before the CORONA-19 virus outbreak that, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine was not just preventative of the virus but, it was curative of the disease. That means our Government who, discredited and restricted the distribution of these life saving drugs knew too!

Every tactic in the book was used to discredit the effectiveness of both drugs even though Ivermectin was listed on the NIH website as a approved treatment for COVID-19. After that fact was pointed out to the public by Dr Brian Ardis, the NIH removed it from its list of approved medications. Does that sound fishy?

Mandated lock downs, curfews, closures, travel restrictions, masks, social distancing and vaccinations went into effect without scientific or legal due process. Masks are a great first example of the ridiculousness of the whole reaction. The best analogy I’ve heard from medical professionals who thinks it’s ridiculous is “that’s like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain link fence”!

COVID-19 “PCR Tests” were rapidly deployed to test individuals for the disease only to find out they had up a 90% false positive rate. They promoted the crisis and help sell the vaccine!

Governments seized control over what is normally individual, Constitutional, and States rights. Medical protocols became Government decree and doctors professional judgment and right to prescribe and treat were terminated under the threat of losing his medical credentials. The entire global effort was focused on population control thru mandatory lock downs. Messaging, money, and Governmental recourses were focused solely on the rapid development and mandatory inoculation of the entire world population with an experimental vaccine.

That was just the beginning of the conformist campaign still being raged today and the slow deterioration of the human immune systems natural ability to defend itself.

The Cash and the Cure

As this thing unfolded I started paying attention to the profiteers. The first undeniable fact is the same individuals that perpetrated the ruse got rich doing it. They are now perpetuating it for further profit. The phony crisis has changed our daily routines in how we communicate, earn, spend and medicate. Some major corporations were in a unique position to prosper from the crisis and, there is a monetary incentive to keep the crisis going!

It’s estimated that the Plandemic has cost the American tax payer in excess of 16 trillion dollars. Where is that money going?

The amount of money being made by big Pharm is staggering. Its not surprising that the same majority stock holders that own the pharmaceutical companies also own the main stream media. Names like Vanguard, Blackrock and Microsoft amount to a coop monopoly on the vaccine, test kits and the story line. They were poised for the crisis.

The day after the announcement of the OMICRON variant the combined stock of Phizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson increased by 70 billion dollars.

Since the fielding of the of the COVID-19 Vaccine, thousands continue to die. The amount of deaths that are actually attributable to the disease is impossible to tell. The statistical data are so skewed we will never really have accurate count. The the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) keeps the statistical data on their website which reads more like a marketing site for the vaccine, masks and social distancing. The Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System (VAERS) data is so inaccurate they had to put a disclaimer on it.

Hospitals get subsidized by the Government every time they report a COVID-19 case or, “COVID-19” related death. There are examples of hospitals swabbing terminal gun shot patients so they can call it COVID-19 related. These un-ethical practices guised as protocol, have turned the system in to a totally subjective, dysfunctional and dishonest accounting. It also helps promote harmful treatments or non-treatment. For example, the amount of money Medicare pays out for COVID-19 ventilator treatment is 19 times more then normal. Patients very rarely come off the ventilator alive. The fact that other options besides ventilators and vaccinations have been taken off the table by threat of losing ones medical license is premeditated murder!

Standards for vaccine safety and effectiveness protocols have been ignored and bypassed. The Plandemic was used as justification to bypass these common sense protocols and the media was used as the vehicle to sew enough fear and anxiety in order to make the disease more scary then taking a un-vetted vaccine. Exaggeration, false sense of urgency, hyperbole and embellishment were the tools used to shape this generated crisis. The general public has been deceived, lied to and, forced to put a irreversible, DNA altering, COVID-19 ineffective, harmful poison into their body!

The Dr. Robert Malone, who invented the MRNA vaccine technology is not a advocate for this vaccine. Especially children! His rationale; It changes the way your bodies immune system works by altering your DNA and creates toxic spike proteins. These proteins permeate organs. This can effect the bodies natural way with dealing with auto immune disease and cancer. It also can effect women’s reproductive cells, cause heart disease, blood clots, neurological problems and a whole list of other side effects which, we wont know to what extent and severity for some time.

It usually takes a minimum of 5 years of testing to clear a new drug for use in humans. Thanks to some real shady laws like the “Obama 2016 Cares Act” which shifted the onus of safety and effectiveness protocols from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the developer. It also allows them establish the test parameters and maintain the statistical test data effectively giving them a license to lie! The law also excludes pharmaceutical companies from legal liability of the drugs they develop. This vaccine went from production to inoculation almost un-checked with no accountability.

MRNA vaccines are un-like any other. Its really not a vaccine in the traditional sense. A traditional vaccine injects a small amount of virus into your body and your natural immune systems then builds up antibodies to fight the infection and build immunity. This MRNA vaccine is an antibody enhancer done by manipulating your DNA. A pre-coded sequence of MRNA is injected to create a COVID-19 replicated toxic spike protein causing the body to produce antibodies. The problem is it doesn’t take into effect the second and third order effects of changing the way your body naturally fights infection. Why, because they don’t know for sure or they are hiding what the long term effects in humans will be. They most certainly haven’t had enough time to determine them all.

The best explanation I’ve heard of the real intent and long term effects of the vaccine is given by a South African doctor. Dr. Shankara Chetty is well known for his early treatment protocols and, he’s never lost or even had a COVID-19 patient hospitalized!

We do know, that in animal testing, the serious side effects that did occur, were ignored. One of the worst is called a Cytokine Storm. A Cytokine Storm causes the body to release an excessive amount of inflammatory molecule’s triggering the immune system to attack it’s own organs. Those known side effects are now being seen in the inoculated. The long term side effects will play out over the next several years and be passed to subsequent generations.

Another documented side effect is Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE). ADE occurs when the antibodies generated during an immune response recognize and bind to a pathogen, but they are unable to prevent infection. Instead, these antibodies act as a “Trojan horse,” allowing the pathogen to get into cells and exacerbate the immune response.

The risk gain analysis of beating the disease through the use of proven traditional medications vs the un-proven experimental vaccine do not justify the jab! We now know the vaccine is not effective and the side effects can be fatal! We are also witnessing a surge in fully vaccinated new cases of infected people, some who had the disease and the jab. That would indicate a problem in what’s known as Antigenic Sin which, is when your bodies immunological memory causes your immune system to auto correct. Original antigenic sin (OAS) describes the phenomenon whereby the development of immunity against pathogens is shaped by the first exposure to a related pathogen.

Sounds to me like the vaccine that’s billed as a cure without giving you the virus has just short circuited your immune systems natural way of protecting you!

Natural immunity has been proven to be more robust and effective and, once you’ve had the virus you are 27% more likely to have side effects from the vaccine if you take it.

Prevention, Deception and Oppression

For those who didn’t bite on the panic and did their own research, the inconsistencies in logic, pseudo science and deceitful narrative became clear. Now the informed who, won’t consent, are being ostracized. labeled vaccine hesitant, non-vaxxer’s, threats to the rest of the population. The exact opposite is the truth. The more natural immunity we acquire the faster we’ll achieve Herd Immunity.

Very few would have died if the appropriate medications and protocols would have been put into effect. Dr. Vladimir Zelenko and Dr. Peter McCullough, both highly respected physicians have gone on record saying, if their protocols using a combination of Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin, Zink, Vitamin D and C had been followed , up to 85% of the COVID-19 fatalities could of been prevented! Those are just two examples of outspoken doctors that, pre-Plandemic were touted as standard bearers in their fields. They are now being attacked and discredited for disagreeing with the Government. A Government that’s doubling down on failure, pushing the poison as a cure while simultaneously watching a surge in infections of the vaccinated.

In the heavily COVID-19 infected Indian province of Uttar Pradesh, Ivermectin was distributed with decisive results. During an interview by Joe Rogen with Dr. Robert Malone. he stated that the Biden Regime asked India’s Prime Minister Modi not to disclose the contents of the medical packages being distributed to Uttar Pradesh. Not surprisingly, that interview has been removed from Social Media

Vaccine mandates are being enforced all over the world, sometimes, forcefully. At all times unlawfully! Mandates are not law, they are policy. Since when has our Democracy been totally relegated to policy or decree? Fear and pressure designed to create desperation seem to have become U.S. policy toward it’s citizens. Mass population control and compliance by all means is now in effect. There is not one part of the U.S. Government who has not overstepped it’s Constitutional authority. Agencies like the FBI are now unlawfully being used as enforcement tools against law abiding citizens critical of Government policy.

Threats are becoming reality. Proof of vaccination to eat, shop, bank, conduct business and travel “live” is right around the corner unless we resist!

Compliance + Conformity = Hegemony = Motive

How can all this take place? Essentially we have a unholy marriage between big Government and big business. If you haven’t read the posts on Subversion and the posts on Perpetual Wealth and Assured Subservience, I recommend you read them. They outline a blue print and historical precedence of exactly what’s happening throughout the world today.

One of the most alarming facts about the vaccine is that it contains Graphene Oxide, a highly toxic conductive Nano Particle. When I started looking into it a familiar pattern emerged. The main stream media were starting up their discredit and disinformation campaigns on the claim. Repetitive rhetoric at high volume lacking no factual evidence contrary to the claim.

Pfizer has never confirmed or denied the allegation, instead, they made a statement that they cant be responsible for 100% purity of the ingredients provided to make the vaccine and cited proprietary trade secrets for not listing all the ingredients on the patent.

Graphene Oxide in the Pfizer vaccine was first identified by Ricardo Delgado a laboratory biostatistician from the University Seville Spain. He presented the evidence using microscopic pictures and chemical analysis.

The side effects of Graphene Oxide replicate the symptoms and morbidity of the COVID-19 virus. It’s assessed use in Humans is, a Wireless Nano Sensor Network (WNSN). It is a self assembling Nano particle that can create crystalline arrays mimicking high frequency antenna. It can be positively charged “woke up and programmed” via 5G technology. Coincidently, Gates also hold patent WO-2020-060606 for use in a crypto currency system using body data and activity as “proof of work”!

There is no telling on how many other diabolical sick reasons are behind the crisis and the cure.

The Gates foundation is largest independent donor to the United Nations (UN) and World Health Organization (WHO). The gates foundation also is behind the Echo Health Alliance which has been vaccinating people in impoverished countries of free.

If you don’t know about the World Economic Forum, the UN 2030 Agenda and the Great Reset, get smart on it!

This is no longer a conspiracy. The information is out there. The actions and behavior of those involved are telling. Things like Bio Tags, Social Credit Score, mass population control and a one world currency are in motion.

The American Oligarchs bent on owning and controlling everything are going to own us all if, we give up our individual and Constitutional rights, conform to their free market takeover and comply with these unlawful mandates!

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