Thanks to the efforts of some very courageous and freedom loving Canadians, people around the world are starting to realize that if they give into the Orwellian enforcement of these unlawful mandates, we lose everything! Because the Truckers have said no and, are not being intimidated, the world is starting to see that this is not about health and welfare, its about control. The disingenuous vail of Big Government and their dishonest justifications of their draconian policies are being exposed. The Government doesn’t give a damn about your prosperity and wellbeing. They care about their prosperity and power. These unlawful mandates are their way of saying “look little people, just fall in and do what you are told”. Total disregard for the foundational ethos which preserve Democracies and provide the protection of the constituents they serve.

Average citizens who just want to live their lives in peace and security and want to ignore the dumb shit going on around them are now having to face the reality of the cost of freedom. We have been led down this road of willful ignorance in exchange for materialistic possessions and we are now at the brink of total dependency. Either we stand our ground, resist tyranny and fight if necessary or we will lose this republic.

Already we are seeing the real sickness!! Ineffectual nonsensical Government policies and mandates. Soring crime rates, hyper inflation, unethical medical protocols, moral degradation and the list goes on. We all know the cause of this virus and its called Big Government and the Globalist Elites. The cure is “We The People”!

America, “World” wake up! Say no to out of control Government! Quit telling us what to do and what to think. Stay the hell out of our personal life’s and out of our schools! Quit violating our freedoms and Liberties and focus on your job. Fulfill your oath of office, enforce the current legitimate laws and leave the Constitution alone!

Canadian Truckers and their Supporters; I salute you!

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