Recently we’ve see the sad realities of a Democracy lost in our northern neighbor of Canada. Their Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. has declared himself dictator of the country validating the purpose of the protest and justifying their actions!

Its hard to believe that the Ottawa police went along with the unlawful orders and tactics used to break up the peaceful protest but, its mind boggling that the Trudeau Regime actually sized bank accounts and personal property of law abiding citizens because they disagree with the Governments illegal mandates! If that’s not tyranny, I don’t know what is.

This should put us all on our heals and Americans on alert! Keep in mind, the Biden regime encouraged Trudeau to invoke their Emergency Powers Act to quell a peaceful protest on Government illegal mandates.

Read the law and decide for yourself if the Canadian Government is operating unconstrained. Are they trampling on the Canadian Bill of Rights they are sworn to uphold? Has a law designed to protect the country from enemies, now, been turned against a portion of the population who’s justifiably dissatisfied by their Governments overreach?

Pay attention America, we have similar laws on the books and if Biden thinks it’s appropriate in Canada he most certainly wouldn’t hesitate to do the same here!

By the way, our Second Amendment was written in order to provide the people the authority and tools, to combat this type of abuse of power by a Government operating unconstrained by the Constitution, Bill of rights and voice of their Constituents!

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