The Sound of Socialism

As we all sit and watch Russia ravage the sovereign country of Ukraine the realities of Socialism becomes distinctively clear. Ukraine, a fledgling Democracy still stands as a symbol of hope in Eastern Europe. How long it can hold out against the Russian Federations Military onslaught is totally dependent on the support from the West. They need material, economic and political support and they need it soon! If they don’t receive it, we certainly will see the return of the Soviet Union!

Vladimir Putin justification for the invasion was his security concerns of Ukrainian admittance into NATO. A proposal that has been considered by NATO but posed no immediate threat to Russia’s integrity. As a matter of fact, historically, NATO has never posed any offensive threat to Russia. It’s greatest purpose has been a deterrent to Russia reconstituting it’s former Soviet Union borders by retaking those liberated countries who, now enjoy the Freedom of a Democratic system secured thru the protection NATO.

Russia needs to consider why all it’s neighbors want to join NATO. The answer couldn’t be more clear.

Vigilantly the Ukrainian Armed Forces have fought the Russian invaders and, have now been pushed back into their “Alamo” in the capital of Kiev. Words can’t describe the Bravery and Courage needed to stand your ground against a superior force but, the Freedom loving Ukrainians have Gallantly displayed those Virtues and have shown the world that Freedom is worth fighting for.

The world is watching. If the West fails to provide an appropriate response, Socialist countries will see that as a green light to carry out their territorial expansion goals. China has already started to probe Taiwan’s coast and airspace.

Ukraine is a decisive point in world history. Either the West displays strength and resolve or the world will slip into chaos with Socialism being the predominant Geo Political ideology and power in the world.

America has never been more vulnerable. It’s not because we don’t have the most effective Military in the world, it’s because we lack leadership. We have an inept President who is an ideological fool who daily displays symptoms of dementia. Think about it, he’s holding the keys to our Nuclear Arsenal. We have a inexperienced Vice President who’s more concerned about her personal racial identity crisis then the welfare of our Country. She constantly embarrasses the country every time she opens her mouth and could only be described as an ignorant twit. If they both go we have Nancy Pelosi “God Help Us”! We have a racist Secretary of Defense and a sycophant for a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. They are more concerned about teaching our soldiers CRT and identifying anyone who disagrees with their ideology as an extremist, then, defending our Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Economically we are no better off. Fabricated crisis, illegal mandates, energy dependency, hyper inflation, shortages, soaring prices, open borders and lawlessness abound. It’s all self imposed! None of it is circumstantial. This regime is the cause! The same regime who, is under foreign control do to their illegal and unconstitutional dealings with hostile Governments lobbying and paying off diplomats for foreign influence in our affairs.

The overt sound of Socialism is dependency and war. What’s going on in America isn’t overt. You have to look in the shadows and listen to the whispers. Who’s running this country. Why have we gone from prosperity and order to dependency and chaos. It’s time for all of us to stop, look, listen and do a smell check on this regimes behavior. and ask yourself who’s really in charge?

Ukraine, we see and hear you. Real America will do everything possible to support you. Keep fighting and God bless you and may God keep Ukraine.

Sentinels do your part!

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