The Optic on America

Today I’m sorry to report that the worlds perception of American’s global leadership, freedom, and righteousness has dissolved. We now stand as a afterthought to a golden era of strength, deterrence and resolve. For two centuries America has stood as the bright shining example to the world of a honest Democratic Government.

Who are we now? How does the rest of the world perceive us? Arrogant, contrary, dishonest and weak? We have strayed so far from our core values and allowed our prosperity to blind us into excessiveness and indulgence and, in the process, become vulnerable through the absence of vigilance. We now lack the moral courage to stand for American principles for freedom and liberty. Instead, we are now portrayed as an example of exorbitance and moral decadence.

Never mind what’s happening in other parts of the world. We better fix what’s broken at home and fix it now! Every facet of our current Government and, the regime in charge, is broke. A Government that will sacrifice the prosperity of the Governed for an ideology isn’t a Government at all. This has all been sold as a Socialist Utopian, globalist ideology, deceitfully disguised through messaging and free handouts in order to promote the longevity and power of the globalist elitist.

If we continue to look outward instead of inward, we will lose our republic. Enough is enough! Start saying so! Quit complying and, “going along to get along”! We have to internalize on all fronts and look to the soul of our nation for guidance!

The United States Constitution!

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