Weak Sister in Time of War

The Ukrainian situation has shown us Mother Russia in all her true colors. Putin has initiated a war that is being fought within Russia’s framework of a ‘total war’ military strategy. With Putin’s threat of an unimaginable retaliation against any nation that stands in its way, now is a time for strength and steadfast resolve.

So why has America sent a feckless leader to Europe to speak at NATO’s security summit in Munich where her ‘ramifications if’ speech did little to tamp Putin’s ambitions, and again to Poland to discuss strategy for which she has no experience. Certainly, Joe Biden is not expecting much as his number two has demonstrated significant blunders that has excluded her from her own party and removed her from any domestic utility. Putin and his lieutenants must be pleased at knowing she will be perceived by NATO as the figure head whose comments can’t be regarded as genuine, representing a low level of seriousness on America’s part.

Now is the time for strength, not weakness. However, we are treating the challenge before us as a momentary amateur hour for which time will pass and all will be forgotten. Given the crisis confronting western powers, Joe Biden has elected to stay at home and dispatch his very worst to send a mixed message to our NATO allies and likely embolden dictator Putin. How are we as a nation going to remove ourselves and the west from a checkmated position unless we act with serious statesmanship?

America must step forward with its very best. Our Secretary of State is, by many measures, conducting an exhaustive shuttle diplomacy while the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff remain in the shadows. One man can’t do this alone. Given the recent Afghanistan debacle has damaged our top military figures, the current White House lacks political and military statesmen with the right gravitas to convey confidence among our NATO allies or deter Russian military leaders. Therefore, America should assemble its most respected military and diplomatic leaders outside of the administration and empower them as our emissaries to tackle the most provocative test confronting the free world since World War Two.

Mankind does not need another weak sister.

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