As I study the current suicidal trends in American policies and, the slow creep toward Socialism, the most recurring question is who, is going to turn this around. Is it possible? No patriotic American is asking how to turn it around because they know we can. They want to know, who can pull it off. Americans know we must internalize to achieve independence on all fronts. We must cut all dependency on foreign goods, energy, policies and alliances unless it’s a fair and mutually beneficial compact. The long poll in the tent is who is the right man to lead?
After pondering the question and the massive complexities associated, I started to gain a clearer understanding of how we got to this critical point by piecing together our recent political history. I could see the culprits behind the demise and recognize the decisive points in their battle plan. Our enemies have already set the conditions for our collapse but lack the final tool to pull it off. They need the right man for the job, as we do! Their man’s task is to transform America into Socialism. Our man’s task is to keep America a Democracy
Socialism has very close ties to Monarchies. They just change labels to hide the fact. Look at the worlds examples of Socialist systems. Russian President Vladimir Putin has been in power for almost 20 years. Joseph Stalin was in Power for 24 years. He once bragged during one of Russia’s farcical elections that, “it doesn’t matter who votes, only who counts the votes”. In 2018 China changed its legislation allowing President Xi to remain in power for life. North Korea’s Kim Jung Un Dynasty has been around since 1948. No Governmental constraints. No Magna Carta or Constitution “of the People, by the people, for the people”.
All Socialist regimes have similar Governing systems centered on the Socialist utopian Ideology narrated to perpetuate a national patriotic sentiment throughout its population. Good messaging but let’s take a look at what it takes to achieve that goal. In short, “total control”! The State controls all aspects of your life and holds the keys to your prosperity. Go along to get along or else. Isn’t that where words like, tyranny and anarchy come from. Doesn’t that sound like an unconstrained Monarchy? The only difference is they’ve changed the description of King to, “Great Leader”! They changed anointed to, “elected”!
After examining the parallels between each form of Government and, knowing that the infrastructure and condition for a Socialist takeover of our Democracy now exist, what are they lacking? A deliverer, who, after miraculously saving us all, will, like the other Socialist leader, be anointed King through, the dictated voice of the people!
Who is behind the scenes pulling the strings? Who had the capacity, capability and time to set it up? Who had the position, tools, authorities to clandestinely undermine our Constitutional checks and balance on Government? Barrack Hussain Obama!
Understand the situation we are in is due to the condition set by him and his party. He achieved that through empowerment of the globalist elitist, weaponizing instruments of Government and circumventing our Constitution through hidden legislation guised as, the fix to one of their manufactured fictitious crises. Usually, a feel-good bill for the offended by everything ashamed of nothing crowd. Pro-choice, Climate Change and Social Justice to name a few. He also did it by ignoring his Constitutional responsibilities to secure and protect our country by prioritizing the rights of non-US citizens over legitimate citizens. This is being done to change the American demographic from a melting pot of prosperity to a cauldron of dependency!
We are in the crisis stage of the plan. They will perpetuate the crisis until the American system crashes. Then their savoir will be revealed. He will a charismatic leader. Promoted by the elitist and Idealized by the weak minded. He will speak in terms of the prosperity and rights of all people above that of Americans. His message will be cleverly tailored and delivered to resonate to those who think through emotion and choose to ignore realities for the promise of something for nothing. His rhetoric will lack tangible substance or consistent logic but, will feel good. He will discourage all critical thinking and ask for obedience through conformance.
If he succeeds, We the People lose!

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