Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be witnessing the intentional systematic sabotage of American prosperity and world predominance. This all being led by a man whose job is solely to protect and preserve those commodities and the security of the American people. Look at what we’re doing to ourselves at this moment in time. Hyperinflation, unemployment, energy shortages, food shortages and destruction of morality and ethical norms, all of which is being done, intentionally!
Don’t believe me? Why are any of these business/job killing ridiculous COVID mandates still in place after two years of watching them destroy our livelihoods. Why hasn’t Transportation Secretary Buttigieg invoked his emergency powers granting him the authority to bypass regulatory constraints to empower our great American truckers to clear the ports? Why hasn’t Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm done the same to energize the petroleum industry? Why has Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Liberal Democrats killed the Bill for Energy Independence from Russia for the fourth time? Why would Biden authorize the release of 1 million barrels a day from our strategic oil reserves when we are facing a potential world war? Why has the President of the United States of America just endorsed, sex change operations and hormone therapy for children? No kidding, that just hit the presses!
That’s a lot of why’s! Not one of them remotely has a logical reason behind the policy, unless to serve an agenda. That agenda used to be close hold but, “The Great Reset” is out of the closet! Their global economy and clean energy aspirations are being shoved down your throat in place of three squares meals a day for you and your children. Think about it, your children will have to go without!
If the Federal Government can’t or won’t do their job to fulfill their Constitutional responsibilities, State Government won’t have a choice but to disregard Federal Statutes, policies, mandates and regulations constraining them from fulfilling theirs. This includes but is not limited to; any and all Federal statutes preventing State Government to promote and provide for the well being of their population; Any and all Federal statutes preventing State Government to engage in independent commerce between other States. Reinforcing States authorities and control over their National Guard.
Its real, it’s here and it’s happening now and we have to stop this suicidal spiral being perpetuated by our Federal Government!
Be a Sentinel!

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