Intelligence organizations have many tools and techniques for gathering information. There are technical means as well as physical collection. One of the most reliable sources for information comes from individuals or, “HUMINT”. Now the gold standard for reliable HUMINT is, what a targeted individual does for a living, access to desirable information, influence they wield and, will they accept money for providing information. That shows a degree of control over that person, and can be used to coheres or blackmail that individual for future collection.
Any individual granted a security clearance in any part of our government, with the exception of our elected officials, require a thorough background investigation. Part of that investigation is their financial discloser. I will tell you, if, you or me had the international connections and financial dealings that many of our current Congressional, Judicial and Executive officials have, we’d not only be denied the lowest level of clearance but, we’d be under investigation by the FBI as a potential foreign agent or, in the Biden’s case, we’d be in jail!
Let’s be clear, many of our elected officials have, and are still, breaking the law and most certainly, under some degree of influence and control by a foreign adversary!
Let’s not talk about the low hanging fruit, let’s just talk about the President. The evidence against the Biden’s is four-fold. Physical, financial, technical and behavioral. Most of his illegal activities have revolved around his son Hunter, with Joe fully comfortable with putting his offspring out front of the illegal nefarious dealings to hide his hand.
Now Joe has been in business with his son since he was discharged from the Navy for testing positive for cocaine. No doubt then, Senator Joe Biden, had a hand in influencing the discharge from “other than honorable” to “administrative”.  To put that into a reckonable context, he was discharged for being under the influence of a unprescribed controlled substance while performing his sworn official military duties. Compare that to today’s military members who are being involuntarily discharged for refusing to take an experimental drug. They are doing so because they believe it to be unhealthy to them and their families and, impair their ability to perform their sworn military duties. Currently there are several Sailors, Airmen, Soldiers, Marines and Officers pending discharge for refusing the experimental, DNA altering, COVID vaccine proven to be harmful and sometimes fatal to those inoculated. This amounts to punishment by snakes for, declining to become a snake by refusing to drink their snake oil!
The physical and financial evidence is defined by Hunter’s travel, foreign associates and the 33 million in payments by foreign entities disguised as business transactions. All of which is linked to his father through emails and financial transactions.
The technical evidence along with some disgusting behavioral practices are on his laptop. This laptop is so damning to him and his father that the main stream media has fallen on their sword trying to discredit its relevance.
Who’s getting to the bottom of this? Where’s the FBI? Are they working to protect America or is this just another glaring example of a politized dysfunctional Department of Justice?  
The most telling proof is in Joe’s behavior and policies. Every time any of these issues get brought up, he gets nervous. He gets angry and hyper defensive. He’s scared and, “the most frightened dog barks the loudest”! He’s guilty and about to get caught and he’s using every bit of power at his disposal to cover it up.
Who is benefiting from US international policies? Certainly not America! The biggest beneficiary is, “you guessed it”, our adversaries! Biden reinstated unfair and disproportional trade practices favoring Beijing. He’s totally let the Chinese off the hook for any responsibility for COVID. He’s paved the way for their intellectual theft of US technologies. He’s working diligently to reinstate the Obama Iran Nuclear Deal which, only favored Iran and John Kerry through his family ties to the Iranian regime.
These are just a few international dealings which equate to national disasters in the works.
To say the regime is compromised is not strong enough! Criminal is more appropriate and denotes intentional complicity with foreign influence contrary to US interests and sovereignty.

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