The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently was quoted saying “the greatest terrorism related threat that we face in the homeland is the threat of domestic violent extremism”. He actually said that recently at Al Sharpton’s Action Network conference in New York. Consider the venue! He went on to clarify the extremist as, “white supremacist”. If ever there was a racist, anti-American saboteur in public office, Mayorkas is it!
I find his statement to be a disturbing symptom of our government purposely sowing public dissention thru racism. I can tell you unequivocally that American patriots don’t give a damn about skin color or ethnicity. They do cherish the fact that they are Americans and hold dear that national identity. They represent the majority of those who support our flag and the American way of life!
Mayorkas is not in that category. He’s a tool, emplaced at a critical node in order to achieve the objectives of anti-Democratic Socialist. At every turn he cries threats to America from within but promotes external threats and, paves the way for their ability to harm our society. Just look at our southern border. He’s in charge!
America, this regime is setting the stage to label any American Patriot who owns a gun and disagrees with their Socialist Globalist agenda as a terrorist. What’s next is the use of law enforcement agencies to disarm law abiding citizens so they can’t defend their Constitutional rights. There already has been a precedence for this when, democratic legislators tried to slip unconstitutional provisions into the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act. The provisions would allow the Department of Defense (DOD) to label anyone they wanted as an “extremist” and, authorized military judges’ authority to confiscate personal weapons from “said extremist”. They also tried to start a new task force on extremism within DOD and even gave it an office in the Pentagon.
The precedence for misusing law enforcement has also been set. The most glaring abuse is the FBI and ATF participation in the staged January-6, so called, “insurrection”. The FBI planned, resourced, infiltrated agents and proxies then, triggered and facilitated the entry into the capital building. One peaceful protestor, Ashli Babbitt, who was unarmed and posing no threat, was shot and killed that day by the Capital Police! No one has been held accountable!
When I hear this regime using words like, Rebellion and Insurrection to describe the response of American patriots to unconstitutional policies and practices, I know the regime is just redirecting attention from their activities by, creating a parallel farcical narrative, accusing their opposition of that crime.
Here’s where we are at in America. We can’t restore America without rebelling against tyranny, and unconstitutional laws and practices. If the American way of life is to endure, resisting this unlawful regime is our only recourse. We have tried every other option to fix this corrupt out of control Government. You can’t reassemble a structure when the foundation has collapsed and, our current Government is off its Constitutional foundation! We have to tear it down and repour those footers, as they were designed to support the structure. 
I’m not inciting insurrection I’m promoting preservation of the union by the only means left!
Be a Sentinel!

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