Repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting a different result.

How many times have you heard socialism described as prosperity? Why would anybody want to live under a system which would prevent you from prospering or achieve your personal goals? Why would anyone want to live under a system which controls and dictates the course of your life? Wake up America because that’s exactly what this Government is doing,

It’s unbelievable what’s happening to this country. Insanity is the only description that comes close to how non-sensible, irrational and self-destructive the behavior and policies of our current Government. How widespread is it? They are everywhere. They are in our schools for Christ’s sake! They are trying to demoralize; brain wash and indoctrinate our children! They are imposing upon your body by dictating an unproven, DNA altering, harmful, “if not fatal” bioweapon into your blood stream and holding your livelihood hostage to that diktat. Its invasive, its self- destructive and its pure blackmail by our Federal Government! They are creating a government which you conform to or starve. That’s Socialism!

Our economy is spiraling out of control, “totally self-imposed”! We have unvetted disease ridden immigrants pouring into the country. We are getting involved in wars which are none of our business. Insanity!

The corruption is comprehensive, it is amoral, it is anti-American and it is intentional! Your only firewall is if you don’t depend on the Federal Government or our current system for your prosperity.

It’s time we put a stop to this insanity. How do we do that when all branches of the Federal Government have been infiltrated and indoctrinated? When our courts have been politicized. Our Department of Justice weaponized. When our federal institutions disregard their oaths and turn against law abiding citizens. When the rights and prosperity of non-Americans take precedence over American citizens?

We fight! We fight or we lose the republic. We fight for our right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That is your unbailable right, and the Government has no business in your business!

Be a Sentinel and get organized and prepare. The Constitution is on your side. Be heard and, stand your ground!

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