American Leadership

A leaders role is to faithfully execute the duties and responsibilities of a designated title and statute’s therein. The purpose of those duties and responsibilities are specified in his job description and the power to execute them bound by a sworn oath of office. Implied is the responsibility to look after the well being of those he’s entrusted to lead. This is predicated on system of honesty and accountability.

We have neither in this illegitimate regime.
This regime has used every nefarious means available to undermine, circumvent and ignore their oath to the Constitution and in the process, they are putting this country in great danger.

In my post; “Executive Sabotage” I outlined a few of many violations of their oath of office and it is now very clear through their actions that, their sense of purpose is no longer congruent with their lawfully bond oath of office to the Constitution and American people!

If we want to save this country we have to change the leadership. There is no other way. The only question remaining then, is how!

Right now our current electoral process has been compromised. Every branch of Government and the departments within infiltrated by extremist, foreign influence and weaponized against freedom loving American patriots.

We have to take this Country back and the only way to do it is through lawful methods based on Constitutionally respectful pro-American ethos.

That means you! Lead!

How do you do that?

We fight! We fight because our actions promote lawfulness, not lawlessness to justify an action. We fight for principle with resolve for our core beliefs and values. We give no quarter to special interest or transient causes. We remain true to our American family and national identity!

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