The behavior and policies by this current regime should have every American disgusted and on guard. We are beyond the alarming stage, that happened during the farcical election. So if your still sitting on your hands hoping it will all go away your in for a hell of as rude awakening.

Anyone who says that the FBI isn’t being used as a political enforcement tool is either disingenuous or willfully ignorant. The FBI is guilty of creating phony narratives used to gain warrants with fabricated evidence. They are guilty of unlawful surveillance on lawful citizens. They are guilty of hiring clandestine agents used to incite violence. They have unlawfully arrested and detained innocent citizens for political reasons. They have refused to investigate the affluential who are being protected by the regime. They’ve refused to investigate the proxies being used to create civil unrest under the guise of social justice. They are disregarding the Constitutional rights of those they’ve sworn to serve. They are guilty of violating their oath of office and are operating unconstrained with impunity.

The FBI has lost the trust and confidence of the American people.

Think it’s a coincidence or just a rogue agency? Let me remind you that the Department of Justice takes their orders from the Executive Branch of our Government.

If your still not convinced that this regime is intentionally militarizing its agencies against it’s citizens, take a look at what’s in the latest piece of legislation signed by the Deep States puppet “The Inflation Reduction Act.” The the legislation authorized the IRS to increase by 87,000 officers. The recruiting drive published by the IRS stated “officers must be willing to carry firearm’s and be willing to use deadly force!” Why on earth would IRS need to expand, let alone, it’s officers need to carry a gun? Coincidently, the IRS has purchased over 700,000 dollars of ammunition this year alone!

You remember the slogan “taxation without representation” here’s the tool, revenuers with guns. No wonder why the regime wants to disarm its citizens.

Have you started to see the pattern of weaponizing institutes of national power against its citizens.

If your still on the fence? Lets talk pandemic. The hysterical response out of the CDC, NIH, NIAID, and FDA were coordinated, irresponsible and intended to alarm, not inform the general public. The recommendations made were illogical and unethical. The remedies given were hasty, un-scientific and harmful. The impact on our economy has been just short of devastating.

These are just three of the most glaring recent examples and patterns. The regimes intensions can no longer be hidden from those of us paying attention. Most Americans have been happily ignorant of the subtle, being the scenes, changes being made to our Democracy. Most of the changes are hidden deep in new legislation given names seemingly innocuous to their true intent.

Some of us who were taught how to think vs what to think have figured out the Globalist Socialist agenda and now know their playbook.

Back in February I posted an commentary titled “WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH”. I outlined issues to be used as a gage to measure that line you draw on violations and infringements of your freedom, liberties and livelihood. Disregard that line. They’ve made the decision for you and they are coming.

Unless you don’t mind the Government in your day to day life. That means monitoring of your location activities and expenditures, dictating what you can do, what and how much you spend. Weather your views coincide with theirs and, if not, what price will you have to pay.

Be a Sentinels of Freedom, RESIST!

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