Definition of malfeasance

wrongdoing or misconduct especially by a public official

Definition of interpolation

the introduction or insertion of something spurious or foreign… versions disfigured by the frequent and substantial interpolation of freely invented matter

Have you ever heard the saying “this is just how things are done on the hill.”

Oh, then it must be ok then? Nope, that’s exactly what wrong with our current government. Business as usual and justification of special interest by all means available. Just call it something else and bury it deep in your next piece of legislation. Lying is just part of politics and cheating is how you get places. Be a part of the club and get rich and enjoy the ride.

Money and power is at the root of the current failures in our democratic system. Ever wonder how politicians get rich? Ever wonder why foreign interest take precedence over American interest? Peddling legislation, campaign kick backs and congressional influencing of government contracts are just a few of the unlawful tools used by our congressional representatives. MALFEASANCE!

Ever wonder why common sense non-issues get so convoluted, misrepresented and become “the issue,” engineered to create an emotional response for a desired effect and outcome? INTERPOLATION!

What’s so frustrating is, everyone knows! I don’t know one person that doesn’t believe that, with a few exceptions, our government officials are a bunch of crooks. They are using their position for personal gain at the expense of your prosperity, security and children’s future.

It’s one of the most profitable business in the world. It’s run by our representatives, in conjunction with and, funded by, corporate and foreign influence. THE STATE SPONCERD WHITE COLLAR CARTEL!

This democracy has become a congressional “Cash Cow” and, they will do anything to keep the utters flowing and their lavish lifestyle subsidized by the US. tax payers!

We are no longer a “Government of the People, by the People, for the People”! Our government is operating with a total disregard of the aggregate for a free society, OUR CONSTITUTION!

The Congressional Oversite Comities is a paper tiger. Our electoral process is compromised and our enforcement administrations politized.

We can’t “drain the swamp,” there’s to many swamp creatures maintaining it. We have to exterminate the swamp creatures! We have to tear down the whole human infrastructure and start over with materials reflecting our core democratic values.

So, what tools are available to purge the corruption and take back our democracy.

The Constitution and those institutions of national and, states power still willing to follow their oath to uphold it. Remanence of what’s left of a functional democracy must be identified, salvaged and empowered. True leaders that hold themselves accountable to virtues of Honor, Integrity, Moral Courage and Selfless Service that are willing to choose the hard right over the easy wrong, must be commissioned under the authority of the Constitutional of the United States of America!

How do we vet them? Past performance for a start. Here’s a “no brainer,” If he or she can’t definitively say whether or not a biologically/anatomically born male or female is that gender, and or, that babies only come from biologically/anatomically born females, and or, they endorse gender reassignment, they are too stupide and sick to hold public office or any other influential position in our society!

God Bless America and the wisdom of it citizens to demand the essential mechanisms for the prosperity our Democracy!

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