The deterioration of our republic does have a root cause. The bad apple in the barrel.

That bad piece of fruit is usually easy to isolate and remove in order to save the rest of the apples. The problem is the rotten apples in our barrel are being kept there under the false pretense that “they’re not really bad they’re just different” and if left alone, they will ferment and turn into something more palatable. The bad apples would like you to believe that soon, they will turn into a intoxicating elixir that once drank, will cure all that ails you.

They’re leaving off the hangover. They’re leaving off the euphoria is temporary and once you sober up they’ll be nothing to eat.

Hence the state of our governmental apple barrel! Full of bad apples with intoxicating products with no sustenance.

Hell that’s easy to fix, we just get rid of the bad apples right. It isn’t that easy anymore. Why, because we’ve become dependent on the elixir and heaven forbid we have to lose our euphoria.

One simple metaphoric example of how our government gets you to go along to get along and leaves you holding an empty sac.

Our real dependency doesn’t rely on a idealistic fiction of free and intoxicating stuff. Our democracy’s life blood is virtue and awareness. In order for democratic crop to prosper, we have to have wholesome produce and intern, their seeds to plant for the next harvest.

You see our government was never designed to be the answer to our problems. Problems are usuay self generated and the govenment has nothing to do with that. In fact, a true democracy’s beauty is it affords you the ability to fix your own problems.

Thats not the case anymore because our government is in our business. Often they are the author of the trouble or, they make it impossibe to take corrective actions without including them.

Lets use our senior citizens Social Security benefit as an example. If it truly is a “earned benefit” then why is it connected to health care? You pay into social security all your working days and in turn the government ensures you a portion of that back as income in the twilight of your life. Not so fast. When I started paying social security taxes there were no strings attached. It was billed as a guaranteed income. Since then they’ve tied mandatory Medicare to your social security benefit or you lose it.

If that sounds like black mail it’s (because it is).

This is not an isolated practice from our government. These’s types of intrusions guised with the disingenuous purpose of looking out for your well being which, you didnt ask for, want or need is the modus operandi and status quo of our government.

What is crucial for survival of our democracy is virtue. morality and ethical conduct, which is, the heart and soal of a free socity.

The attacks on religion, heterosexuality, education, national identity and the socialist indoctrination to ridicule vs, respect those who have worked for prosperity as, “entitled”. It’s a form of redirection in order to hide that they are lazy adults still sucking on the tit of Lady Liberty. All of which,, is designed to break down the American firewall of freedom by virtue.

Now let me be clear about bad apples vs a good cider. Bad apples usually start due to parasites. We have a lot of those in government. WE HAVE TO GET RID OF THEM!

A good cider on the other hand is a planned and controlled process using the best produced available. There’s nothing like hot Dickins Cider on a frosty autumn American night and, God willing a blessed effect for the next generation of American patriots.

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