: a bodily prominence

Other definitions are available but for the purpose of this article it suits me.

I wright a lot about the negative things going on in our country. Anti-American sentiment being fueled and direct attacks from within our own infrastructure. The fact that our free democratic system is, the mechanism, being used by adversaries of “freedom” to destabilize and subvert this country into something other than the purpose of its conception.

This is all being accomplished by undermining, subverting and sabotaging our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The positive thing I’ve been sorely lacking to illuminate is the real aggregate of our great nation. The American Patriot! Our nationalistic population who are proud of being an American citizen and not ashamed or afraid to display or vocalize it.

I am very proud to be one of those Americans and very fortunate to be born in this country. I surround myself with like minded patriots and admonish all other “so called Americans” who lack that patriotic fire.

I simply don’t understand them.

American patriotism is truly the national fabric we are clothed in. Without it, we are naked and vulnerable to the cruel and destructive elements of the world.

So on this Veterans day I wish to salute, not just those who’ve served in our armed forces, but those who have supported them.

You are that body of prominence who hold the moral high ground for defending freedom and liberty!

May God Bless you all and may God Bless America!

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