There is no functional cogent Pro-US strategy or logical policies in effect by this regime. The policy descriptions I hear range from dysfunctional to self destructive. I believe those descriptions are accurate but lack in emphasis of how insane their behavior and policies truly are. I can’t think of one policy that’s not utterly destructive to our republic.

Both suicide and sabotage imply cognitive intent to carry out their purpose so, what would be the purpose of destroying our country, unless this regime is the enemy, or under the control of our enemies.

If we were to list our enemies, would it be China, Russia or Iran. Possibly, but I think our enemies are more clearly defined by ideology, character and human behavior. Socialist, oppressors, rulers, above the law, predacious, greedy, deceitful, disingenuous, megalomaniacal and immoral. All ideological or behavior traits centric to enslaving a population through dependency. What is our firewall protecting us from a government being able to fall into these categories? A free and democratic system of government guaranteed by our Constitution.

So as they chip away at the constitutional foundation of our democracy, you start losing those freedoms and liberties it insures.

H.R. 1808 “Assault Weapons Ban of 2022” is the latest of many usurpations of our democratic system. If enforced it will villainize law abiding citizens, restrict and prevent citizens right to self defense and impower this regime to act unconstrained against its own population.

The second amendment was not designed to insure ones right to hunt. It was designed to ensure ones right to self defense (especially against tyranny) by ensuring the population has the same tools as the tyrant.

All this is coming from a regime who promoted lawlessness guised as social justice, lobbied to defund the police and blames the problems it created on the average Joe who, only expects their government to enforce the current constitutional laws which, they selectively ignore.

If they disarm you, who are you going to call. An un-funded demoralized disenfranchised police department? Good luck, your going to need it because you know what the criminal will be armed with!

What about those of us who swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic? We now have a pretty significant dilemma of, conforming to an unconstitutional law or, upholding our oath and performing our sworn duty.

I don’t think this regime has really thought this one through. The only way for this to be legal is to amend the Constitution. The only way to legally enforce it would be to change the military oath of enlistment and most oaths taken by law enforcement.

This just illuminates the total disregard of our Constitution by this regime and, their willingness to secure power by any and all means. It also defines that this is intentional sabotage of the American way of life by subverting our judicial ethos and institutions.

Sentinels, life’s about choices, make damn sure your decisions empower your ability to make your own!

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