America, home of the free because of the brave. The land of opportunity and entrepreneurialism because of Democracy. Our Democracy is at the core of our prosperity, and promotes the freedoms and liberties we cherish and need for our livelihood. Without a functional Democracy we lose everything. Freedom of expression, choice, movement, self-defense. Even our freedom to achieve will dissolve.
Its happening. Our government is moving without consent of those governed into totalitarianism and absolute governmental dependency of those they swore to represent.
Those who think this kind of talk is conspiratorial are correct. That doesn’t make it untrue. What is incorrect is, that it’s a theory. All you have to do is examine the facts to reach that conclusion.
I’m not going to justify my beliefs in this posting. I’m just going to point to the issues and let you decide. Now that requires an impartial investigative approach. If your unable remove yourself from what is presented to you by your TV, or if your fanaticized to an ideology, don’t waist your time. You will lack the critical thinking, objectivity and consistent logic required to separate fact from fiction or biased opinion.
Is the federal government a functional Constitutional apparatus?
Was the 2020 election legitimate?
Do corporate entities, both domestic and foreign, have influence in our government?
Is media controlled and directed?
Are institutes of national power being used against US citizens, and has the federal government weaponized these institutions to conduct illegal activities against its citizens?
Is the federal government compromised by foreign influence and money?
Do you have a voice in your government?
Was COVID-19 a natural occurring virus transmissible to humans?
Is the MRNA COVID-19 vaccine safe and effective?
Is Sudden Death Syndrome naturally occurring?
Are food, products and energy shortages preventable?
Is a social credit score system constitutional or ethical?
Will a central bank digital currency (CBDC) allow the government to control your financial independence?
Is the petrol dollar important? Is the stock market being manipulated.
Is allowing illegal immigrants to enter the country putting our national security at risk?
Are the Cartel’s activities being carried out on US soil?
Do you feel your unjustly taxed?
Do you feel you’re paying too much tax?
Are your taxes being spent appropriately?
Is social justice even legal jurisprudence?
Does WOKE promote racism?
Is ANTIFA a terrorist organization?
Is our local law enforcement being marginalized?
Is crime on the rise?
Are we prepared to fight two global conflicts simultaneously?
Does the country have a moral compass?
Are you worried for your family and your country?
That’s just the wave tops, I could go on and on. Before you start analyzing and making judgments on the issues outlined, ask yourself how all of these things could be going on at the same time? Is it coincidental? How could that be possible! Frankly, it’s not possible.
So that must mean its by design. Why would we put ourselves on such a self-destructive course and who would have the motive and means?
Start answering the questions and you’re on the way to a shocking discovery of the intentional destruction of America, the men behind it ,and the evil of a global utopia!

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