If you don’t pay taxes, you can’t vote.
If you’re not a US citizen you can’t EVER vote or hold any office.
If you’re a felon you can’t EVER vote or hold office.
Voting age should be raised to 21 unless you’re serving your country.
If you’re not in college after high school you have 24 months compulsory service to the country.
Voting procedures need to be in person, one vote for one same time accounting, to ensure integrity.
If your here illegally you can’t get any credentials or bank accounts and are subject to immediate deportation.
All xecutive, legislative, and judicial appointees must pass a thorough background investigation.
No foreign entity can own US property or have majority shares in a cooperation.
All federally and state funded academic institutions must adhere to an academic curriculum free from politics and social influence or lose funding.
Churches need to be left to teach, worship and practice un-fettered, wholesome and peaceful theologies. 
Federal over-reach into state rights needs to be reviewed and if determined unconstitutional, discontinued.
All federal agencies weaponized against its citizens need to be abolished. Their charters, financing and authorities transferred to the states.
Congressional lobbyism should be outlawed.
Earmarks in legislation should be eliminated and bills should reflect only their stated purpose.
Representatives pay should be mandated by the constituents they represent, and have an annual accounting on suspect acquirement of wealth.
US representatives should waiver their right to purchase stocks while in office.
US Armed forces oath should be amended with a clause to insure political neutrality.
Un-Constitutional Executive orders must be abolished.
Affirmative Action must be abolished and a performance rewarding system promoted.
Reality based biological/anatomical gender association must be adhered to.
Burning or desecrating the American flag should be punishable by deportation.

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