Change of Strategy

We have exhausted all attempts at re-obtaining a Constitutionally based Democracy through Federal Government infrastructure. The attempts to purge the Deep State and Shadow Governance has failed. A compromised electoral process, a two tiered judicial system, and the weaponization of national power against freedom loving Americans citizens has succeeded. Infiltration of foreign influence and penetration’s at all levels of the Federal Government are emplace.

The Deep State is now working on politicizing, demoralizing, and gutting the Department of Defense of functional leadership and capability. OUR LAST LINE OF CONSTITUTIONAL DEFENSE!

Do you know the origins of COVID-19? Do you know of the gain of function research conducted to engineer the virus? Do you know the statistics on safety and efficacy of the MRNA vaccines. If you do, you know the Government sponsored the development of two biological weapons. The COVID-19 virus and the MRNA vaccine which it deployed it against it’s own citizens.

Has anyone been paying attention to the trend in recent attacks on our food supply and distribution channels! Record numbers of food processing/storage fires and record numbers of train derailments is more then alarming. Statistically its never occurred before.

The latest attempt by the Biden Regime to take control of your wealth and monetary freedom through a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is the latest measure to end our Democracy by establishing absolute dependency on the Federal Government by controlling individual prosperity. Should we delegate this monetary system and fiscal responsibility to a Government who’s over drafted 33 trillion dollars from the national check book and spies on its own citizens!

We must change our approach to fixing this cancer before it kills us.

First and foremost we must understand the nature of the problem. The Globalist Elitist are TRAITORS! They are usurpers of Democracy through affluence. If they are elected officials, they operating far beyond their Constitutional authority therefore, their policies, orders, and laws are meaningless. They have no legality under our Constitution. They spew edicts! Decrees by evil men ignoring their sworn oath of office and abusing the power afforded through that position.

The only way to reverse this course is through nationalist grass roots movements addressing all functions and responsibilities of all government branches and instruments of national power. Don’t rely on business as usual or current modes operandi. Use the Constitution as the frame work to build lines of effort to address issues. Start at the local level; Community, Township, County. Then build on those lines to tie in collective efforts. Operationalize like minded efforts for collective leverage, but bargain no further then your individual and Constitutional rights.

To Hell with these traitors, who, are really self anointed figure heads. YOU have the authority and the power to right this ship. You are “We The People” The combination of individual, and Constitutional Rights, and the purpose behind those rights is all the justification and legality you need.

Don’t be afraid to be outspoken. Don’t be afraid to lead! Don’t be afraid to do what’s necessary for you, your children, your country and your children’s children.

Be a Sentinel,,,, Be an American!

God Bless; Thomas

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