The United States of America, once a global symbol of freedom and liberty. Feared by tyrannical governments as their biggest threat due to our example of a free and independent society. Our external adversaries have always censored and discredited examples of individual freedom and liberty as self serving interest and capitalism. They know that America can not be defeated by conversional means. America can only be destroyed slowly from within.

This is our current state of affairs.

Our enemies are all around us. They are embedded in every fabric of our society and have infiltrated our governing institutions.

Right now our enemies are waging a comprehensive campaign against the United States and our Democracy. Internally, most of our advisories are US Citizens under Foreign control resourced and funded by foreign governments and Corporate special interest. They’ve taken root into our society using our own system and tolerances against us.

They hide their agendas through carefully crafted sensationalized messaging and policies designed to create a atmosphere of crisis, victimization and self indulgence over virtue.

Their methods are also comprehensive. Political, economic, religious, social, biological, military and covert. Any and all means. Unrestricted warfare!

Our last line of defense is US Nationalism and the United States Constitution.

See your enemies! Know your enemies! Stand your ground! Don’t give an inch on our Constitutional Rights and our way of life.

God Bless, Thomas

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