James Madison wrote these views on what responsibilities Government should be accountable for.

1. Establish justice

2. Ensure domestic tranquility

3. Provide for a common defense

4. Promote General welfare

5. Secure the blessings of liberty for us and our posterity

If we use those 5 responsibilities as a metric for functional Federal Government, There is no doubt, the Government is failing miserably!

There has been indicators lately that America is waking up. There has been a surge in officials vocalizing and acknowledging the “Deep State” and its ongoing push toward socialism. Former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich, recently acknowledged the Deep State, the weaponization of Government against its citizens, utilization of national power to cover up criminal activities and enriching our elected officials.

The peddling of foreign influence into our system, the use of national power for political reasons and, selling proprietary technologies at the risk to National Security has been institutionalized by the Clinton and Obama regimes. Its now in full view for the American people under the Biden regime.

Americans are fed up!

Folks who are usually reserved in their views are speaking up. Patriotic songs are hitting the charts. WOKENESS is being protested and boycotted. All great signs that the American spirit is alive and well.

What is a “Real American” It’s simple, someone who maintains a US National Identity regardless of ideology or personal interest. A Patriot!

What is a tyrannical government? One that is operating outside of its constitutional charter, authorities and uses it’s systems against it citizens while serving itself instead of it’s constituents.

What we need now is recognition, organization and action.

Recognition of the actual problems facing America vs fabricated crisis’s. Recognition that our biggest problems and greatest threats, whether political, economic, social, national security or whatever, come from within. Recognition that our current Government is not just dysfunctional, it’s illegitimated. Recognition that anti-Americanism, whether its couched as Social Justice, Socialism, WOKENESS or, whatever is a clear and present danger to our survival as a nation. Recognition that you have been bamboozled, manipulated, mislead and lied to by your Government and their media proxies.

Organize to reclaim our union and restore our National Identity at the grass roots level. Do your own research for news and information. Don’t let the media spoon feed you a false narrative. Be an individual and don’t succumb to group think. Instead seek out other objective and constructive opinions. Use common sense and consistent logic to make evaluations and decisions. Leave your emotions out of it. It will only cloud your judgments.

Act upon the obvious. Remember, act on issues that promote U.S interest and reinforce a U.S. National Identity. If it doesn’t speak Americanism it isn’t worth our preciouses time. If you don’t know how to tackle a problem, study it and develop the situation. The combination of brain power, patriotism and time will provide a best case course of action.

The American Spirit is a Fighting Spirit.

God Bless, Thomas

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