Our Charter

Constitution, 4Th Of July, July 4Th

Educate and inform United States Citizens on the importance of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Bring public awareness to Government violations and infringements of our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Organize and assemble into regional groups in order to stand up to violations and infringements guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. (Neighborhood watches designed to protect lives and livelihood)

Ensure free and fair elections.

Educate our youth on factual American history in order to learn from mistakes, but be proud of our achievements. No matter how hard the Cancel Culture attempts to message our history into their reality, good or bad, it all happened and nothing short of a time machine can change it. Those who don’t learn from mistakes are doomed to repeat them. I’m personally very proud of our American history, and like all cultures we’ve had our highs and lows. But from my stand point, America has contributed more to the cause of Liberty and Freedom then any other Nation.